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52 Shows? Yah, let's do 60!

Hey y'all, Rowdy here. It's a little late in the evening here in Early August and I thought, I haven't blogged in a while, so why not take a few minutes and let folks know what's going on. We've passed the midway point of 2021, and I would just not be very gracious if I didn't say thank you to all the venues who booked us and people who came and saw us this year. Whether you meant to or just stumbled on us in a place you like, thank you for enjoying the music, talking to us, and being great audiences. As of this writing, the Rowdy Ace Band has played 31 shows in 2021. That's already more than we did during 2020 and just a few less than we did in all of 2019. That's not bragging, that's pure amazement and gratitude talking. THANK YOU!

But we aren't done yet. We have some great shows coming up (run over to our TOUR page to see where we'll be next) and we'd love to see y'all there. When we got into the summer and looked at our schedule, we made an internal goal to play 52 shows this year. One a week on average! We know that our solo acoustic, full-time musician friends do that every year, but for a bunch of non-road, weekend warriors, that's a pretty big goal. One that as of today, we hit! 52 shows and we won't leave Northern Virginia to play any of them. We're proud that so many places and people have joined our #RowdyCrowd, and give us a try or keep having us back. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Not to stand on our laurels, we're going to keep booking where it makes sense and keep playing for y'all. We even have a couple of surprises up our sleeves from August on. We'll have our friend Sela Campbell open for us a few times and even play with us. We're working on bringing on a new member to the Rowdy Ace Band, and when that's all setup and done, we think you'll love the sound our new addition adds, as well as the music we'll work up to keep y'all dancing and singing along. And who knows what other collaborations we may work out. Y'all stay tuned to our website and to our page on Facebook to see what's going on.

52 shows in a year is a record for us, we're proud of it. But we're not done. Don't tell the band, but I think 60 should be easy enough to get now! See y'all out there!


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