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That Escalated Quickly!

Here we are, at the end of October, 2019...what a great year it has been for the Band. we got into March and wondered if we would have enough shows to keep rolling; to keep entertaining y'all the way we wanted to. But as they say, things sure escalated quickly. by the end of October, we will have played for y'all at over 30 shows, in almost 20 different venues around the DMV. And the year isn't over yet. We hit over 500 likes on our Facebook page, and a couple months ago, we started our first Instagram. While we continue to maintain as much information on the website as possible, the best up-to-date information is still on the Facebook page.

So what's next for us? Hopefully, a lot more of the same. we'd love to play more places (HELLO DC, DO YOU HEAR US?) and bring our brand of Country Music and old Rock favorites to more audiences. We have made a ton of new friends out there, and we keep hearing the same thing over and over; "We love how y'all are a REAL country band". We've started saying "Unapologetically Country"...but we are humbled that y'all are noticing a difference between us and other bands out there. All we can ask is that you keep telling folks about us, share our shows on FB and Instagram, and help us have a great time when you're at our shows.

As we start getting ready to book and play in 2020, the two words that come to mind are "THANK YOU" Thanks to everybody who has come out to a show, or found themself in a place we were playing and gave us a chance by hanging out, listening, singing along, dancing and introducing themselves to us. Thanks to all those venues who also gave us a chance to entertain in your spot. In both cases, y'all have plenty of options, and you took a chance on us. We don't take it lightly and NEVER will.

We'll keep it Country and ROWDY...Y'all keep showing up!!

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