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Vote for us, PLEASE!?!?!

We are beyond thrilled that someone (other than ourselves) nominated the Rowdy Ace Band for the 2022 Best of Loudoun Local Band/Musician. We are among friends and great musicians that we respect, adore and are fans of as well in this year's voting. BUT WE WANT TO WIN!!!! Voting has opened today, February 25 and will run until March 11. Everybody, whether you live in Loudoun County or not, can vote once a day through 3/11. Please vote as much as you can because WE WANT TO WIN!!!! So click the great big, you can't miss it, logo below to go right to the place to click the green VOTE button, every day, PLEASE, because WE WANT TO WIN!!!

Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing y 'all out on our tour this year AS WINNERS!

~Rowdy, Gregg, Paul, Dru and Ron

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