Northern Virginia's Country Music band is Rowdy Ace! And we play Country that Rocks. Rowdy Ace features music from classic mainstays, including 90's country hits to today's top 40. Our set lists are about celebrating music and how it has a connection between people and time and FUN!​


Our musical philosophy is pretty simple...Play music people know and enjoy and have a bunch of fun while we're doing it. We predominately play cover music, because everybody will know something we play, and we want everybody to have fun! But don't count out the creative skills of this band. Collectively, we've had airplay of our original music since the '90s.


We've played all over the United States as individuals or with bands that have been featured in venues of all sizes and types. We've opened for big-name acts and regional favorites.


"This group is Unapologetically COUNTRY, but don't let that fool you, they will rock your crowd and keep everybody happy and dancing along!"

-NoVA Venue Owner


From private parties to dance halls, bars, and restaurants to wineries and breweries, we'll make sure your patrons and friends have a great time.​ C'mon, y'all let's get a little ROWDY together.


Todd "Rowdy" Tolbert

// vocals + rhythm guitar


Gregg "3G" Lechner

// lead + rhythm guitar


Paul "Elwood" Horenberger

// bass + musical director


Dru Broome

// drums + beard

Ron on Steel 02.jpg

Ron McNuss

// pedal steel guitar